What is the Call to Love?

The Theology of the Body is revolutionary. It is counter-cultural. In a society where we are fed images of wealth and sex and success and are told how to live by strangers who push products and lifestyles for a living, the Theology of the Body is an empowering breath of fresh air.

The Call to Love is a call to live the Theology of the Body. The Theology of the Body illuminates divine truths. It tells us how we can embrace our sexuality and harness it to live a pure and radiant life. It is no accident that most products are sold by sex. We are made to be sexual beings, to exercise our humanity through our sexuality. But our sexuality has been hijacked and put to the wrong use. By reclaiming it and living rightly, we liberate ourselves to experience joy and happiness and true freedom.

This blog aims to work through the Theology of the Body and make it relatable. The Theology of the Body contains beautiful truths that speak to every one of us. It's just a matter of getting those truths heard.