13 May 2010

The Metaphysics of Sex, Part 2

General Audience of November 21, 1979

Yesterday I read about how sex is intrinsically linked to the part of the creation mystery when man goes to sleep and wakes up as two, male and female. John Paul II says that the fact that, during sex, male and female become one flesh “is a powerful bond established by the Creator through which they discover their own humanity, both in its original unity and in the duality of a mysterious reciprocal attraction” (167). It seems strange, at first glance, to think that sex unlocks our humanity. But what I think John Paul is getting at is the idea that our humanity stems from the fact that we are part of a community of persons, a fact that is made clear in the Bible when we read about original solitude and the solution God gives us for this solitude.

12 May 2010

The Metaphysics of Sex, Part 1

General Audience of November 21, 1979

It has been far too long since I’ve posted. This lapse started innocently enough. First we went out of town. Then my grandmother died. After that my husband had finals. And suddenly, it’s been over a month since I wrote a proper post. I’d read more, but I hadn’t had time to reflect and write.

The last thing I learned from John Paul II in ToB is how the community of persons in Genesis foreshadows our understanding of the Trinity. Exciting stuff! The next thing I read about is also tied to the community of persons, although a bit more subtly. This week JP2 gets a bit more intense. He starts to talk about sex.

06 May 2010

It Just Might Be Crazy Enough

I think I found the poster song for ToB during my drive into work today!

Crazy Enough, by Mercy Me.

I can't find the song anywhere online yet, but I did find a fantastic website for the album it's on, The Generous Mr. Lovewell. I love this idea of life as loving.